Local Composting Initiative

Without fully comprehending why, I’ve recently become obsessed with compost. I take any opportunity to turn a bin, collect fallen autumn leaves, admire the worms multiplying, smell the rich humus and get my hands in a pile to feel the heat generated.  I went to a talk  about The Magic of Soil by Phil Gregory who was very convincing that that soil sequestering carbon can save us from climate change.

This put a fire in my belly and in collaboration with other local groups, we proposed a local composting initiative to utilise the organic resource produced by households in Tāmaki Makaurau. During World Composting Week, I made a submission to Auckland City Council on behalf of Transition Towns Point Chevalier and Dignan St Community Garden. We joined hands with Kelmarna City Farm and Organic Community Garden, For the Love of Bees, NZ Box Compost Bins and Go Well Consultancy.

It is part of the research I’m doing for the residency at Headlands Art Centre in San Fransisco in September.