Fabricated Truths

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Fabricated Truths is a light-hearted series of constructed narratives that draw on Rebecca’s relationship with her partner Jack. It saw her return to working with materials she had used as a teenager such as FIMO. She constructed the characters, sets and props to restage poignant and funny moments.

The images depict moments that are familiar in many relationships; the tenderness of vulnerability, the desire to be seen, the minutiae of domesticity, the isolation of jealousy and the peace of trust.

Limited edition C-type prints on archival metallic paper available from Whitespace. View exhibition history.

Our First Summer Was A Long Hot Blissful Daze 2008
I Wanted To Know Who You Really Were 2008
I Was Nervous Showing You My Favourite Art Work, I Wanted You To See What I Saw 2008
We Set Up House Not Knowing If Our Furniture Would Work Together 2008
We Found Ourselves In Unexpected Realms 2008
We Got A Pet Knowing It May Outlast Our Relelationship 2008
We Slowly Discovered We Could Make Magic Together Without Getting Hurt 2008
We Recounted Our Dreams To See If They Had Travelled Across The Pillow 2008
We Tusted Each Other To Stay Afloat 2008