Dying To Know

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Rebecca has always been interested in what is beyond the physical world. This was heightened by her diagnosis of cancer aged 23. The images in Dying to Know are constructed narratives produced nearly twenty years after her recovery. Rebecca hand made the figures and constructed each scenario that became part of the character’s quest. Each scenario could equally be describing everyday events or metaphysical ones.

The images have been exhibited at Whitespace in Auckland and Pingyao International Photo Festival in China.

Limited edition C-type prints on archival metallic paper available from Whitespace. View exhibition history.

Exhibition at Pingyao International Photo Festival, by JB Turner
I Know Why I’m Here 2010
The Offering 2010
It’s Not Like I Thought 2010
I’ll Wait 2010
Calling All Angels 2010
It’s Worth Mending 2010
It Looks Like Freedom 2010
I’m Coming Home 2010
Where Do I Start 2010
Surrender Resistance 2010