Notice What You Worship
The Exquisite Wound
Assume Nothing
Dying To Know
Fabricated Truths

Rebecca Swan is an interdisciplinary artist based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Her work is personal and intuitive in nature and often draws on her own life experiences including cancer, gender diversity, spirituality and environmental issues. Whist her work can be discussed in social political frame works, it’s the experiential nature of it that she’s most interested in.

As the winner of the Fulbright- Wallace Art Award, Rebecca completed the residency at Headlands Centre for the Arts in San Francisco in 2018. During this time she created a temporal body of work titled Notice What You Worship. Since 1990 she has exhibited in major galleries and museums in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Spain, England, Scotland, Germany and China.

Her exhibition, The Exquisite Woundquestions how we relate to the disappearance of our physical bodies, which begs the question, “what are we without them?” This exhibition is touring Aotearoa New Zealand and won the 2016 S+ART Award.

Since 2004 Rebecca’s book Assume Nothing has been published in eleven countries. The Dowse curated the touring exhibition Assume Nothing, Celebrating Gender Diversity and from 2008- 2012 it toured five public galleries in Aotearoa New Zealand and two galleries in Spain.

Rebecca is represented by Whitespace. 

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