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This gallery showcases 3 bodies of work, from my longest running project that continually evolves, ‘Assume Nothing’, to my most
recent work, ‘Dying to Know’. I am constantly inspired by whatever is happening in my life and attempt to express that in a way that
is relavant and moving to others.

Rebecca Swan - Assume Nothing
Rebecca Swan - Dying to Know

‘Assume Nothing’ is a journey into
the intimacies, nuances and
complexities of gender identity.
1995-2010: book, film and
‘Fabricated Truths’ is a love story.
What does it means to reveal the
essence of oneself to another?
2008: mixed media and photography
Dying to Know’ questions life, death
and our beliefs about both.
2010: mixed media and photography


All the images in these galleries are available as limited edition prints from my dealer galleries Wellington and Auckland.