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"Beautiful, powerful photographs.intensely passionate.
They have a touch of the macabre".
Arts review The Weekend Herald”

Fabricated Truths is a love story about my partner
Jack and I. I kept the potential for interpretation
open so that anyone can relate to the images.

They look at: what it means to reveal the essence
of oneself to another; the passion of discovery;
the tenderness of vulnerability; the desire to be
seen; the minutiae of domesticity; the isolation
of jealousy; the fear of risk; the peace of trust;
the limits of attachment and the transcendence of
the physical.

I had a lot of fun creating this series in 2008,
returning to making objects again. I was not
sure if I had the skills to convey the personalities
and emotions to make the characters and sets
believable, but I enjoy the results.

Limited edition c-type prints on metallic paper,
are available from both of my dealer galleries. in Wellington in Auckland