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The Sense Collective
Move 2012 is a 4:30 video installation.


It premiers at SPLORE 2012, nestled into a native bush enclave, with the sea and stars providing an exquisite backdrop. It is back projected on a 4m x 3m screen by an HD projector and strategically positioned hi-fi speakers maximise the soundscape, drawing the audience into the work.

THE SENSE COLLECTIVE is a Trans-Tasman Media Arts Group formed in 2009. They are five acclaimed arts practitioners working collaboratively with video, sound, motion graphics and performance.

The relationships within The Sense Collective run deeper than being purely artistic colleagues; the connections are close friendships, creative collaborators and a set of twins. These relationships allow for a supportive and trusting creative process where all artists are stretched to their fullest potential.

The collective is committed to create experiential video installation work that has artistic innovation, refined execution and above all engages and moves the audience.

MOVE 2012, is a poetic personal quest where the physical world as we know it alters and in the challenge to adapt, our awareness shifts irrevocably. We transcend the physical realm into the cosmos, exploring the experience of a parallel universe and a non linear time zone where we are connected at the deepest level. A moving soundscape of heavenly harmonies and deep, earthy intonations, illicit a visceral response to the work.

Rebecca Swan: co-director & cinematographer
Charlotte Rose: co-director & composer
Richard Swan: creative director
Kirsty MacDonald: assistant director & producer
Matt Gillanders: performer