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“Rebecca Swan cares about people. She has the knack of
observation and the ability to translate what she sees into
an image. And she is tender with this gift”
David Herkt

I love the moment in a photo shoot when all the
elements are in harmony- the emotion, the
connection between people, the light, the
location and the composition. It is like a dance,
I am always surprised by what each person shares
with me. I feel honoured that people trust me to
capture something intimate about themselves that
they can then treasure.

I like to meet with the person, couple or family
before the shoot to get a sense of who they are
and to talk through lighting, styling, props,
location and other creative possibilities.

There are three different pricing brackets to suit a
range of creative options and budgets. I can
shoot in my studio, on location or at the client’s
home, whichever is most appropriate and
comfortable for them.

Phone or e-mail to talk through any ideas or
questions you may have.