Osmosistem is the latest installation offering that composer Charlie Ha and I have created. It explores the interconnection of all life in the face of climate change. The work wraps the viewer visually and sonically, inviting them to enter an aquatic osmosistem. The title is a combination of ecosystem and osmosis, creating a neologism to describe the visceral experience of knowing how deeply symbiotic all life on earth is. The video combines footage of ecosystems 10,000 kms apart, the redwood and kelp forests of California that I filmed during my Fulbright-Wallace Arts Residency and the oceans of Aotearoa. Charlie Ha’s sublime and atmospheric soundscape combines and enhances aquatic field recordings from California and Aotearoa with his original electroacoustic composition.

It opens at Whitespace Gallery May 26th 2-4pm and is up for a month.

Osmosistem installation
Osmosistem detail